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Gay Male Anointing Oils...

Hey Guys:

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the following Gay/Bi. formulas! Some are certainly Voodoo-based. Most of them probably origionate from Herman Slater (publishing-wised), and many other NYC occult shoppes. These formula's titles were merely listed in Lady Rhea's underground Classic, "Enchanted Candle Spells" (many are found in Slater's "Magickal Formulary & Spellbook I," though not all). So, can anyone gimme' a hand, due to some obvious curiousity? Despite the fact that I blend my own recipes, I find a deep interst in investigating such formula's recipes!

* AC/DC [Listed in Slater's formulary under "Anointing Oil," but is it really the same recipe as listed in Rhea's classic? There's always that .01% of doubt.]
* Cat's Knight Love "A red hot scent for gay men!"
* Hyakintos
* L'Homme-- "The Man"
* Oscar Wilde
* Pan's Delight [I love various Horned-God belnds!]
* Satry Oil [Is this the same formula as listed in Slater's formulary? Rhea describes it thusly, "One of the origional Gay favourites, 'Locker Room'. Actually, this oil can invoke a six-foot image of a stutting Pan."]

Hell, whilst they're not listed, I'm seriously curious about the formula for some of Enchantments' recipes:

* Cernunnos-- "A 'Classic' Horned God oil." [I love those "Classics". Though, again, is this the same formula as one of the two Cernunnos recipes as listed in Slater's classic text?]
* Eros-- "A Gay male attraction oil for that certain guy."
* Gardnerian Flying Oil-- Traditional used by Gardnerians for Astral
Projection." [Is this really a "Traditional" (Gardnerian) recipe of some sort? Hell, if it is "Traditional", why would it be for sale? *shrugs* Just curious.]
* MINOTAUR-- "For GAY MEN. To attract a 'real stud' for serious, spiritual and physical love." [*Evil Grin*!]

Now, I haven't gotten a copy of either of them, but...I wonder if Herman Slater's second "Magickal Formulary" would contain any of these recipes. Or, if Lady Rhea's citadel-version of her Classic, "The Enchanted Candle" lists any of these formulas which she previously had only named? Now, what I always found a little disheartening is that her Classic lacked any formulas at all-- listing them merely by name. My concern with this is that, after I obtained Herman's classic formulary, many (though not all) of the recipes were inluded. So...why not include those formulas, then? It had been long since o.o.p. [Slater's book] by the time I aquired Lady Rhea's classic. So, at the time, it seemed like something of a business-ploy to my oh-so-sceptical mind-set at that time, to get one to purchase the anointing oils listed. But, I'm still as curious about these formulas as ever (for research purposes)!

Hmmm...I wonder if I called Enchantments (can you imagine the long distance toll?) if they'd give me the formula for such recipes as "Minotaur," etc.? Unfortunately, I don't currently have such means at my disposal... *sigh*

Take care,
Wade MacMorrighan
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