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This community is for the learning and exchange of information based on the teachings of the pagan Elders of NYC.
The focus being on > The Enchanted Candle Book by Lady Rhea .
Wicca,Hinduism, Palo Mahyombe and Santeria all inclusive.

and all future events hosted by Lady Rhea will be posted here .

Any questions on the following :
The craft,Deities,Wicca,spells,candles,oils,herbs,washes,rituals,circle casting,all forms of divination,santeria,palo mahyombe,palo monte ,medicinal herbology,Asian medicinals and theory,circle casting,summoning Deities etc etc ,are all welcome here.

All questions that are not answered by a constituant of the community ,will be answered by a follower of a NYC pagan community, with the knowledge of their ancestors and their elders behind it.

Novices and all faiths and followings are welcome .

But no flaming and/or arguing please.

For study and/or information on where to buy the book, The Enchanted Candle, or products to do spells that are in the book ~
Please see the Magickal Realms home page

"The world famous Enchanted Candle, was designed and created by Lady Rhea in 1979 and widely used throughout the world.
These unique one of a kind creations, magickally handcarved seals, fragrantly empowered with exotic oils, and colorfully glittered are elegant works of art. Carved on a 7-day candle that pulls out of the glass and burnes for 5-7 days depending upon your astral needs, these exquisitly created and personalized candles serve a host of purposes including, but not exclusively: Uncrossing, Healing, Weight Loss, Love Drawing and Fast Luck. "

so let the carving begin !
BB and so mote it Be !!

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